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Who are we?

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About us

"Simple and practical battery operated thermostat for my district heating. Meets all the requirements that I need. It has simple and straightforward programming functions, I didn't use them on my old device anyway."

Anna S.

"Looks well made and has all the programming you will need. Came with a full German instruction book, and a very small English instruction leaflet. But you can view them on the website!"

John A.

"It does exactly what you would expect it to do, the temperature readings are surprisingly accurate and the connection with the receiver is more than stabile. Very easy to install and if you have a 5 core cable it's even better."

Dave B.

"I bought the Computherm Q7RF as a replacement for a Salus RT500RF, which had failed after 10 years of faithful service. I now have experience of both. To sum up the Q7RF is a lot easier to set up (only 30 mins) and it still functions after 20 months of service."