COMPUTHERM Hydraulic transmission

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A hydraulic gearbox is an assembly that ensures the independent operation of different heating / cooling circuits by creating a short circuit between the supply and return pipes. As a result, it disconnects the heat generating equipment from the circuits that use energy.

Thanks to the designed hydraulic short-circuit, the mass flow required for the heating / cooling circuits can be provided without disturbing the pumps and the individual circuits can operate with different volume flows. The use of hydraulic gearboxes simplifies the design, operation and control of a system consisting of several heating / cooling circuits.

Advantages of using a hydraulic gearbox:

  • Hydraulic separation of boiler circuit and heating circuits
  • The heat generating and heating circuits can operate independently of the
  • volume flow and temperature assigned to them, without disturbing each other
  • The service life of the heating system components (boiler, pump, etc.) is extended

When is it recommended to use a hydraulic transmission?

  • If the pump built into the boiler is not able to provide adequate mass flow in the heat dissipation system (more distant radiators will remain cold).
  • If a system consisting of several heating circuits is to be connected to the boiler (eg: separately controlled ground floor and first floor, or several living quarters).
  • If radiator and underfloor heating circuits are fitted without a heat exchanger.
  • If the oversized boiler switches on / off frequently.


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