Infrapanel with pine frame

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  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty and life long guarantee
  • Suitable for many different room sizes while saving energy
  • Ceramic crystal granules
  • Long service life with specific power saving heating element,
  • Our infrared panels can emit 10 times larger surface rays than traditional infrared panels with smooth surface.
Output 150W-650W
Size Depends on the output

150W-300W: 2x0,75mm

500W-650W: 2x1,00mm

Heated area

150W: Only suitable for local heating

200W: 4,80m³- 5,60m³

300W: 7,50m³- 8,40m³

500W: 12,5m³- 14,0m³

650W: 18,5m³- 20,0m³

IP certification IP 24 ÉVII
230V 50Hz

150W: 2.40 kg

200W: 2,60 kg

300W: 3.80 kg

500W: 4,80 kg

650W: 5,50 kg



  • €10 inside Germany
  • €25 in the EU
  • €100 rest of the world